Handmade ties and fashion accessories in Italy

Via degli Abeti, 132
61122 Pesaro, PU, Italy

Our products


Our tailor-made ties can satisfy every need from ceremony to casual, classic models of 8 cm and younger models of 5 or 6 cm, linear or bottle shape, special unlined, hand-hemmed packages, 5 or 7 folds for true connoisseurs .

Bow tie

For the most extroverted and extravagant souls, our pre-knotted bow ties, entirely handmade, in classic, medium and slim models. To the most expert hands we also provide the simple "fish" to be knotted at the moment.

Men's vest

Available in various models and fabrics, with or without pleats, variable number of buttons, single or double-breasted. Designed for different situations: from the ceremony, to the formal occasion, to casual. With covered buttons, back in matching lining or in the same fabric and with lined interior.


We make Ascot or Cachecol, with or without folds, strictly in silk that give an English and refined look


To complete the ceremony dress, combined with the waistcoat, we offer pre-knotted Plastron, in different models, which will give the outfit class and elegance.

Pocket square

Proposals in various fabrics and patterns to satisfy every combination in a creative and original way. Available in different sizes from cm. 21 x 21 to 33 x 33.


Handmade in silk, solid color or patterned, and available in different models: classic, medium and slim, with internal pocket.


Our braces, hand-made in widths of 2 or 3 cm, can be made of the same silk or wool used for ties and bow ties to complete the outfit.


The classic tubular scarves doubled in silk can be made in a double pattern, one on each side, giving a pleasant and more effective chromatic effect.


Made, in silk or other compositions, in sizes from cm. 65 x 65 and 70 x 70 and hand-hemmed. Comfortable and practical to tie around the neck like a scarf.


Belts in silk or wool with ring closure, 3 or 4 cm high, an original idea to diversify the look from the classic leather belt.


Keychain with ring, hair bands and other accessories, for both men and women, made in various fabrics and patterns.
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