Handmade ties and fashion accessories in Italy

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Driven By Passion

Sartoria Arte e Stile pursues only the passion by putting in place the concrete enthusiasm that accompanies us in giving life to precious creations. It gives every small or large creation an important part of our unique identities. A qualified work cooperative, qualificata, close-knit and proudly happy for every single opportunity to generate new emotions.

The team has a strong and intrinsic synergy with which it thinks, designs and creates every detail. We take the utmost care in embellishing the product by imagining it worn at the most important moment. We see in each customer the best showcase that, thanks to our fashion accessory, we intend to make it shine like never before.

We feel we are very privileged knowing that we can give life to the accessory you will wear. We want to make it able to transmit the same exciting emotion that, arising from our hands, continues on the thread, permeates the fabric and, almost imperceptibly, vibrates waiting to reach you.

The Tailoring Team

Le diverse e complementari professionalità, unite alla passione per questo magnifico lavoro, sono il motore della qualità che muove la Sartoria. Il nostro rapporto e l’atmosfera che si crea fra di noi costituiscono il nostro segno distintivo.

Sharon Druda

I am a model maker and this could make me look like a person all numbers and technical drawing but behind this there is much more. The passion for fashion originates in me since I was a child. In the family they have always affectionately labeled me as a forerunner of trends ... So much fire inside could only direct me to the Mengaroni Institute in Pesaro to follow the Fashion and Costume course. I still jealously preserve those first creations that have always held in me a value that is much more than didactic. My innate curiosity pushed me to go beyond simple drawing and to specialize in modeling at the Rossella di San Sepolcro fashion studio. I love giving life to a design and I love every detail of what I do through my work here in the tailor's shop.

Cristina Caselli

Rappresento attualmente la parte amministrativa, burocratica ed organizzativa in Sartoria Arte e Stile, ma riesco anche a mettere a frutto gli studi pregressi. Diplomata stilista opero, prima da assistente poi come responsabile prodotto, per alcuni marchi importanti della moda italiana ed estera. Dopo 12 fruttuosi anni nella Moda ho avvertito la necessità di cambiare rotta per dar maggiore sfogo ai miei naturali punti di forza quali: organizzazione, comunicazione, creatività, lavoro in team e contatto con il pubblico. Reinventando un percorso tutto nuovo ho spaziato dal disegno CAD per uno studio di architettura, fino al marketing turistico alberghiero, attraversando alcuni impieghi minori, per poi tornare, in ultimo, al campo del tessile per gestire import/export e commerciale in una azienda di filati. Fin dall’inizio della collaborazione con Sharon mi sono resa conto che, insieme, avrei potuto dare molto di più.

About us

I contacted the Sartoria Arte e Stile in Pesaro and I was fully satisfied by the availability, competence and friendliness of the owners. From their proposals I chose the fabric and model for a coordinated vest and plastron.

Giorgio C.


I have been working with these girls since before they opened their tailor shop.
I have always been happy with regard to punctuality in deliveries.
The quality of their products, handmade and cured piece by piece, is highly appreciated by my customers.

Thomas F.

Men's clothing boutique owner, Basel - Switzerland

I turned to the tailor's shop to have personalized ties, scarves and clutches tailored for the hostesses and stewards of a business event I organized. Professional, clear and precise from the estimate to the final realization.

Letizia G.

Event organizer , Rimini

I was very happy with the work of this tailor's shop, competent and very nice girls. I turned to them to fix some clothes then, in the tailor shop, I saw all their beautiful products, really handmade. Brave, brave, brave.

Carla T.

Engaged, Pesaro

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For information relating to tailor-made creations for the public, quotes for clothing stores, or simple advice and clarifications on the products on sale in the shop, we are happy to answer you as soon as possible during opening hours from Monday to Friday.

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